Conditions and therms

Please read this section carefully before proceeding to make a purchase on this website. Also read our privacy and cookies policy for more information about the data we keep.
About us (hereinafter "the Website") is owned and operated by Needful, SL, company registered in the Spanish register with CIF B-61144127 and fiscal address in C./Sant Galderic, 18-20, 08395 Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona (Spain), hereinafter "Needful" or "we".

Requirements to buy at

Each time a purchase is made on the Website, a purchase agreement will be entered into between you (the user) and Needful. This agreement is governed by these Terms and Conditions and will apply to all offers and agreements relating to the sale on the Website. You agree to read and understand these Terms and Conditions each time you make a purchase on the Website. Needful reserves the right to modify the present

Terms and Conditions at any time. These changes will be applicable to the sales contracts at the time they are published on the Website. You agree to periodically review these Terms and Conditions for any changes that may occur.

The requirements to buy on the Website are:
- Be at least 16 years old
- Be a direct consumer of the product, not a distributor.
- You guarantee that the information provided in the request or order is accurate and complete.

The availability of the Website is not guaranteed by Needful. The Website may be subject to technical modifications or repairs at any time, causing partial or total blocking of the Website, as long as necessary and without prior notice. Needful is not responsible for the problems, damages and damages occurred at such times.


How to place an order

The user will navigate freely through the online store and add the products that you want to your shopping cart. At the end of the product collection, the user will enter the order completion page, where he will accept the indicated prices of the products collected, write his billing and shipping data, accept the terms and conditions of purchase and make the payment with one of available methods.

At this time, the system will issue an automatic notice of acceptance of the order to the e-mail provided by the user and Needful will manage the sending of the order to the address provided. Upon formalizing the payment and receiving the automatic notice, the purchase agreement between Needful and the user will be valid and both parties will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. In case you do not receive the automatic notice in your email, please contact Needful.

Needful will keep a copy of the order on your system. Another copy will be sent to the user in the order confirmation email. The data of that copy will be the only valid to verify later that the shipment received corresponds with the order issued.
Our right to reject an order

Needful reserves the right to check orders in advance and to refuse any order at any time without justifiable cause. Needful checks random orders to filter transactions and verify their solvency, as well as to check for possible fraud. The rejection of the order will involve the refund of the charge made. The rejection of the order will be communicated via telematic or telephone by a member of Needful in the working days after the order.

These are some of the reasons that may lead to the rejection of the order:
- The product purchased is not available in stock.
- Your billing information is incorrect or is not verifiable.
- There is suspicion of fraud by the order made or the user data provided. The user does not meet the requirements of these Terms and Conditions
- There is an obvious error in the price set
- There is a problem in the sending caused by the impossibility of reaching the address provided or by misspellings in the address provided.
- The order is suspected to come from an automatic purchasing service
Returns, changes and cancellations

The user can not freely cancel an order without justifiable cause when it is already accepted and payment and automatic confirmation have been made.
Needful can proceed to change the items of the order in case of lack of stock or similar problem, as long as it has the previous confirmation of the user.

Once the order has been received, the user can proceed, if he wishes, to his change or return, subject to these rules:

Needful will not be responsible for the shipping costs of those changes or returns over which it has no responsibility, such as changes in size, color, or item at the sole desire of the user.

The payment for return will be issued by Needful on the working days following the reception of the return in the delivery address facilitated by Needful.

In case of a change of one article by another, and that the new article selected has a price different from the previous one, Needful and the user will agree a new form of payment or payment for that difference in the transaction.


Quality of products

It is possible that variations of color and shape occur between the photographs present on the Website and the products received, due to graphic variations of the image. Needful will not be responsible for these variations,

Needful advises you to pay attention to the maintenance tips of the product to avoid deformations and problems derived from the misuse of the same ones. Needful will not be responsible for the deformations and problems derived from a misuse explained in its maintenance advices.

Prices on the Website include VAT and are published in Euros.
Needful reserves the right to change prices before ordering, at any time and for any reason.

Needful reserves the right to create variable offers and promotions in time of all prices appearing on the Website.

Needful will charge a shipping fee for every order issued. The price of this fee will depend on the type of shipment chosen, depending on the geographical location of the user. The Website does not allow freely choosing a type of shipment, as this depends on the delivery address provided. Needful reserves the right to create or delete offers for free shipping depending on the size of the order or any other reason.

The total price to be paid will include the order, taxes and shipping costs, and will be clearly indicated before making any payment.
Method of payment and billing

Payment methods accepted will be the Paypal platform and with credit card Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro.

Needful reserves the right to check the credit for each purchase in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Needful reserves the right to reject the payment method from that check.

Needful will issue invoice for each transaction, and this will be sent along with the order. In case of requesting invoice in PDF electronic format, Needful will be provided to the user.


Shipping & Delivery

Shipments are made and received on weekdays, from Monday to Friday except national or local holidays.

We can only ship orders to countries that are compatible with our current conditions. If you want to buy from an unavailable country, please contact our customer service.

Whenever possible, we will attempt to ship all items in the same order at the same time. Due to potential stock and storage problems, a shipment may need to be split. In this case, we will contact the user to check if he agrees to split the shipment. In no case will we charge additional shipping costs in case of shipment split.

Check the status of the package before accepting it. Do not accept it if it detects deformations or damages in the package.
Right to give up

If the user is not satisfied with the products received, he can return them within 30 calendar days after receiving the shipment (or the last fraction of the shipment), without having to offer any reason, provided that:
- The products have not been used and / or washed.
- The product is complete: for example, both elements of a pair must be returned.
To make the user's right to desist, you must contact Needful. Upon the withdrawal, we will reimburse the payments issued within 30 calendar days after the receipt of the items. Needful reserves the right to use an alternative payment method to that used by the user to make the refund.

If Needful breaches its obligations contained in this document, it will be responsible for damages or damages suffered by the user, arising from the foreseeable result of the breach. The damages are foreseeable if they are a direct consequence of the breach of these Terms and Conditions or if it was contemplated by Needful and the user at the time of the contract.

The Website may contain errors, incorrect data or incomplete data. We will be exempt from any liability arising from the use of the Website, including technological problems such as computer virus infections. The security of the information and payments made through the Website can not be guaranteed, despite the great efforts made in security.

In the event that the user has received damages or damages derived from the purchase on the Website, our responsibility will be limited to those reasonable and demonstrable cases of negligence by Needful.

Needful shall not be liable for damages and damages of the products in which a third party has incurred or in those cases in which the product has been modified or deformed by a third party.

Needful shall not be liable for damages or damages caused by the products when they have undergone any type of treatment not directed by SportHG or Needful.


Nothing contained in these general conditions excludes our liability for death or personal injury.

We facilitate the use of the Website for private use. The user is responsible for not using it for commercial purposes or for the benefit of third parties.

It is possible that the Website includes links to third-party websites, in which case Needful disclaims any liability arising from such websites, even if they use the image of SportHG thanks to some collaboration agreement with Needful. These linked websites have their own terms and conditions documents and their use is subject to them. The visit to these websites is the responsibility of the user.
Intellectual property

Needful is the owner of all intellectual property rights of the Website and all material published by it. This includes logos, icons, trademarks, text, graphics, photographs, moving images, sound, illustrations and software, unless otherwise specified. All of this is protected by copyright laws all over the world. All rights reserved.

You may use a hard copy or capture extracted from the Website, whenever necessary to place the order or use the Website as a means to make your purchases.

It is prohibited to use any type of image, information or text coming from the Web Site without the express consent of Needful and without it being correctly referenced its origin.
Incorrect use of the website

It is prohibited to use the Website for the following functions:
- As a basis for commercial transactions with third parties that imply that the user acts as an unauthorized distributor.
- Issue commercial requests or announcements
- Send messages defamatory or harmful to third parties. Also, issue messages that act against the intellectual property of third parties.
- Issue any type of message that acts against the current law. In this case, Needful disclaims any liability.
User generated content

Messages sent by the user on the Website will be considered non-confidential and non-private. Needful shall have the right to modify or delete such messages without a specific reason, but generally will be governed by the rules of correct and incorrect use of the Website that appear in these Terms and Conditions.

Needful only acts as a passive channel to disseminate the message that the user issues through the Website, without being in any case responsible for the content of such messages. Needful will eliminate any messages that it considers inappropriate, such as those that violate the current law, against own or third-party intellectual property or those that imply discrimination of gender, race, sexual or social status, etc.

The user agrees, at the same time to generate such content, to accept the publication rules of these Terms and Conditions. The user agrees to send the necessary information so that Needful can investigate if the content issued is related to these Terms and Conditions and the ethical code of SportHG.


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