What is it?

Micro-perforation is a production technique of the seamless machinery of SportHG®. The cloth that is much lighter than normal and much more breathable. On the contrary, its thermal properties and durability are reduced. SportHG® uses this technique in some models of its Cooling summer products, although the great comfort of these garments make them suitable for any time of the year as a baselayer, especially in indoor sports and fitness, where its reduced thermal capacity does not affect the exercise physical.



How does it work?

The overall cloth of SportHG® consists of a majority base of Climatherm® polyester and an added polyamide in its inner part to increase its thermal property and durability. In the case of micro-perforation, the mass of the tissue is reduced and the number of Climatherm® filaments is increased, also putting it in direct contact with the skin. This makes the garment much lighter, and also multiplies the absorbent and breathable properties of the Climatherm®, since its effect is applied directly to the moisture of the skin.


Uses and practices

Micro-perforated fabric is especially suitable for physical exercise in summer and in high temperatures. In outdoor sports such as climbing, hiking, running or trailrunning, the micro-perforated fabric responds perfectly providing the extra breathability and lightness necessary to maximize the athlete's comfort.

In the case of trailrunning, the fabric is perfect for mountain runs in summer or in hot areas. It has been perfectly tested in natural competitions in the Sahara and in the Atacama Desert. In spite of this, its inferior durability with respect to other products of the catalog makes it sensitive to scrapes with heavy materials like backpacks and ropes.

This type of fabric is more than perfect for indoor or fitness physical activities throughout the year, due to its great absorbent capacity, breathability and great comfort.

SportHG® has the ability to create a completely microperforated garment or choose several areas in it, thus achieving different results. The official Team SportHG® running trail shirt, for example, combines zones of microperforation with thicker areas that resist the rubbing of the backpack. It is also applied to specific areas of some pants or accessories such as neckwarmers or tapes.

The micro-perforated cloth has been hailed as one of the best products in the SportHG® catalog and has been the main protagonist of the commercial boom that has lived the baselayers of the brand in the hottest months.

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