What is it?

It is the modified main polyester of SportHG and patented by Needful, SL. All SportHG®products are manufacturated with Climatherm®, and it is the main responsible for their many advantages.



How does it work?

Each Climatherm® yarn consists of dozens of hollow microfilaments, which create the air layer responsible for its aid in thermoregulating the body. Its technical specifications make it superabsorbent, and the treatments to which it is subjected before the preparation make it antibacterial, anti-odor and protector against the UVA rays. The cloth, in addition to containing all these qualities, is soft and comfortable, characteristics further enhanced by the seamless, which helps Climatherm® to be considered a second skin.



Uses and practices

With a thermoregulatory material like the one produced with Climatherm® you get perfect advantages for any physical activity. Its comfort and fit to the body facilitate movement and avoid friction and chafing. And its great thermoregulatory, superabsorbent and protective capacities make it perfect for sports, especially in outdoor environments and changing conditions.

SportHG® combines Climatherm® with different manufacturing technologies and other yarns, such as carbon fiber, to create numerous different products. Each model is perfect for different situations, making the SportHG® catalog multipurpose and multi-sport. Its qualities have been tested in ultra-distances in extreme environments, indoor sports of short duration and in many other disciplines, with users of different ages and needs, always with excellent results.

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