The HG AML Team 2020 has been presented at Transgrancanaria HG

At Transgrancanaria HG 2020, SportHG® and AMLsport have presented their elite mountain runners team for the 2020 season. The event has preceded the presentation of international elites for this edition of the well-known trailrunning race, one of the most important in the world.

The new SportHG® and AMLsport team will be made up of Agustín Luján, Albert Pujol, Azara García, Dani Nafría, Gemma Arenas, Isaac Riera, Juanjo Somohano, Leire Martínez, Mònica Vives and Sebas Sánchez, and two important new runners are incorporated into the team: Virginia Pérez, whose signing was announced a few weeks ago, and Paula Cabrerizo, the big surprise of this presentation. The runner from Madrid returned strongly after a long break in high-level sport and is ready to face what should be the season of her return.

With the two new additions, the team is consolidated as one of the most important both nationally and internationally. Especially powerful is its women’s team, which confirms the clear commitment of SportHG® and AMLsport to claim women in sport. A commitment that they share with Transgrancanaria HG®, also sponsored by both brands and whose this year motto is “Trail is female”.

The presentation of elite runners kicks off a new edition of the Transgrancanaria HG. Tomorrow Friday at 11pm, the 125km big race will begin, while the Advanced, Marathon, Starter and Promo races, with shorter distances, will begin throughout Saturday morning.

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