tech-bio ADN 100

What is it?

This is the garment created by uniting special SportHG® technology with 100% natural and organic EVO® thread. Brand's properties are maintained but the product is biological, fully respecting nature.


Ecological conscience

On the contrary of other polymer byproducts, EVO® is created with seeds growing in arid non-agricultural areas in order to avoid affecting human and animal food chains. For cultivation of these seeds very few agrochemicals are used and its production CO2 emissions are 25% less comparing with any other polyamide.


Garment's weight is reduced due to the lightness of 100% natural thread by 25%, comparing to polyester, but coverage is maintained intact. Drying time is cut in half and thermic isolation allows the garment to act as a smart thermoregulatory layer.

Tech-Bio® products offer special natural touch and optimal elasticity, adding comfort to movement. In addition to that, intrinsic bacteriostatic capacity allows the fabric to control bad odours withou damaging additives


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