SportHG® goes beyond baselayers in its new Spring/Summer 2020 collection


This week the new Spring / Summer 2020 collection of SportHG®, one of the reference brands in the Spanish and European trailrunning, has been presented in Barcelona. The firm, which has more than 500 sales points spread across the Old Continent, has had spectacular growth in recent months and has become one of the protagonists of mountain sports both in Spain and beyond its borders.

For the new season of trailrunning, SportHG® takes another step in its development and presents a collection full of new features, among which its pants and technical skirts stand out. Thus, and for the first time in its history, the brand will market products that go beyond the baselayers. Specifically, we speak on the one hand of the SIRIUS male model, 100% made of Zero·G technical material, with a sensation of zero gravity, as well as the ALTAIR pants, a tights-pants hybrid that unites the best of the first layer HG technology With the new technical material. This family of new products is completed by the NAOS hybrid skirt and the POLARIS long pants.

Beyond this main novelty, SportHG® has also chosen to restyle its most successful models, and renew them following the advice of its elite runner team. The SPRINT t-shirt will replace the acclaimed RACE as a basic t-shirt, and the new ROUTE will replace the well-known TRACK, which has received several awards throughout history. The official shirt of the HG AML team has also been improved, and options without belt and sleeveless have been presented. The team of engineers of the brand has also created the KEY model, a short sleeve t-shirt but more technical and tight, for the most demanding public.

But the most technical products are not the only protagonists of this new collection. SPIKE models represent slack and microperforated t-shirts with a full-print technique applied on the whole surface; they are perfect for hot environments and the designs used on them have totally renewed the printed patterns of the brand.f the brand.

Continuing with the accessories, SportHG® meets the needs of one of the long-term requests of its target audience – a technical belt with a mechanism for holding batons. The family of technical compression calf sleeves has also been renewed, as well as the socks section – the new SHASTA and LENGAI models are manufactured with DRY-TEX® cooling yarn and will be perfect for the hot summer ahaid of us.


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