SportHG® introduces news packaging


SportHG® has started this 2018 totally focused on its commercial aspect. If next January 15 is the date chosen for the presentation of our Fall / Winter 2018/2019 collection, this week has been introduced its new and spectacular product packaging, which improves the previous one in all levels and whose service will be immediate to from this  January.

The products of the Barcelona brand are characterized by guaranteeing their quality and functionality at 100%, always including apparently simple but highly practical ideas. The new packaging draws directly from this pragmatic mentality, and also stands out for its strong visual impact, very much in line with the striking designs that, for some time now, the brand has been presenting to fill its catalog.

The product will then be presented in a book-shaped box, designed in reddish and black tones and different textures: from the logo of the embossed brand to an area that remembers the touch of carbon fiber, the great hallmark of identity for HG, used in many of its technical products.

The general idea of ​​the brand directors is that the packaging “speaks” on its own, and that it contains all the necessary information of both SportHG® and the product included in its interior. If the explanations about the brand are austere, the technical characteristics of the product are explained in a very detailed way when opening the box. The packaging is unique and standard for the entire SportHG® collection, but for each specific product it will include a three-page insert with technical and technological specifications according to the line to which it belongs.

The CEO marketing of SportHG®, Jordi Rodríguez, has shown his great satisfaction for the new packaging. “We fulfilled the first of the many goals we have set for this 2018” he explained, recalling the brand’s trajectory: “We started almost 10 years ago and we have gone little by little. In 2017 we decided to go one step further in all aspects and we are achieving it. The good results at the sales level are added to the new international projects, the growing collaborations at the marketing level and, now, a new presentation for our products, much more impressive and professional, for the new era of the brand. “


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