SportHG® launches “hybrid” collection for this spring

The technical textile material brand SportHG® has launched this week its new collection for the summer of 2019. The most important novelty are the many technical innovations for its most loyal audience, and also the new products to approach the new tendences of the runner world.

The rise of trail running in recent years is another symptom of the change in running habits that the current sporting society is experiencing. It is in this context of change that the runner combines training spaces close to urban centers with more stimulating mountainous terrain. SportHG® adapts to new audiences and presents the Dynamic series, with the technicality and quality of a trailrunning brand, but maintaining the comfort, design and ease of traditional running.

The Dynamic series stands out for its seamless patterns printed in the style of the recognized official 2018 Trail World Championships T-shirt at Penyagolosa Trails HG®. They are baggy products with great freshness and breathability thanks to Climatherm® fabric. The series is designed for a hybrid environment, halfway between asphalt and the most technical trail, and for short but regular runs. If the sport leans towards the change of scenery, it also does so with the regularity and perseverance shown more and more by the popular runners, who need a product at the height of that daily and weekly effort. The essential concept of the new collection, “Over & over”, emerges precisely from this trend.

The other great novelties of the collection are contributions to the trailrunning line. A technical shirt with carbon fiber and spectacular design and a pants with belt compartmentalized around the waist will take another step in the way of SportHG® to continue marking textile fashion in the trail. Finally, the catalog is completed with renewed colors for classic items, new prints for the renowned accessories and socks in Drytex® material that integrate double tongue and revolutionary designs.

By summer 2019, the brand will keep its carry-over products, among which stand out the official shirt of the Spanish National Team FEDME (HG Pro Team 2.0), its basics for multisport or its proposals for football. SportHG® has become, with the passage of time and the acclaim of its products, a well positioned brand in a great variety of different sports.

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