Product Maintenance

SportHG maintains a transparent and dialogic behavior with the different problems that may arise with the use of its products. However, the brand will not be responsible for any problems arising from not keeping the product in proper conditions. Neither will it in case of accident or fall in which the material is affected. The user will be the main responsible for what happens to the product from the moment you receive it, accept it and start using it. These are the basic standards for maintenance of any of the SportHG products:

As a general principle, logical and basic care of any textile garment: it can not be subjected to fire, flammable liquids, dangerous liquids, sharp objects, etc.
Do not wash inside out.
Do not wash more than 40 ° C.
Do not wash with fabric softener.
Do not subject to chemical treatments.
The damage suffered by the stamping of the product on behalf of the user will never be the responsibility of SportHG. If you want SportHG to print or personalize your product, please contact us. After stamping, the product may appear undamaged, but these may appear within the next few days after treatment. SportHG easily detects when these cases occur and will not be responsible for them.
The first time you wash a SportHG product, it is recommended to do it apart from other garments, especially if they are sensitive to washing coloration problems.
The pockets of SportHG garments only have space for small items such as keys, gels, mobile phones, etc. Do not force those slots to introduce more objects to the account.




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