Transgrancanaria HG comes to an end with another success

The Transgrancanaria HG ends its 20th edition and takes a big step forward in regards to the records. Throughout these five intense days of work, over 4500 runners have participated in the six competitive categories, as well as in the Family Trans race, and in the Transgrancanaria Kids.

This event proclaims itself as both a national and international benchmark within trail races. The Transgrancanaria HG 2019 is the first of the only two Bonus Series of the 2019 championship, sharing this exclusive privilege with the legendary UTMB.

Without the collaboration of private companies and public entities this would not have been possible. The organizing company would like to thank all the town councils of the island, the Gran Canaria Island Council, the Government of the Canary Islands, and all the brands for their cooperation and their engagement in Transgrancanaria HG 2019.

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Pau Capell tops the podium three times in a row

Transgrancanaria HG has had many protagonists, among whom we must stand out two: Pau Capell and Luca Papi. The Catalan runner conquered the race for the third consecutive year. Pablo Villa and Cristofer Clemente crossed the finish line at Expomeloneras in second and third position, respectively. As for the female runners, Magda Laczak won, after also topping the podium in 2018, followed by Kaytlyn Gerbin and Fernanda Maciel.

Luca Papi, meanwhile, will go down in Transgrancanaria history, after completing in the same edition the two longest and most demanding races of the event: on Friday morning he proclaimed himself winner of the Transgrancanaria 360º and at dawn on Sunday, finisher of the Transgrancanaria HG 128km, covering a total of 393,6 kilometers -20,765 meters of elevation gain- in 77:37:20 hours.

In the Advanced category, Iván Camps and Irina Raczynska won. Both the Catalan runner and the runner-up, Martin Halasz, crossed the finish line under 6 hours. Jesús Gill came in third position. As for the female runners, along with Raczynska, two local runners stepped onto the podium: Belgian Dominique van Mechgelen, who lives in Gran Canaria, and María Jose Guillén.

Marathon podium was topped by Pablo Villalobos and Katarzyna Solinksa. Spanish runner took revenge after last year’s bitterness in the Advanced category by crossing the finish line in first place at Expomeloneras. Antonio Martínez and Borja Fernández came in second and third, respectively. Regarding the female category, Marta Molist and Kerstin Engelmann-Pilger ended second and third.

In the Starter and Promo categories, Finnish Mårten Boström and Spanish Sheila Avilés won, while Chema Martínez and Dutch Luna de Bruin won the shortest race of the Transgrancanaria HG.

Double-race challenge completed

Once again, a separate chapter should be dedicated to the Transgrancanaria HG 360º. Luca Papi, the winner, has written a new chapter in Transgrancanaria history by proclaiming himself winner of the 265-kilometre race and finishing the Transgrancanaria 128. Eugeni Roselló and Canarian runner Iván Galván came in second and third.

Regarding the female category, Esther Hernández crossed the finish line in first place. Latvian Anita Liepina and French Céline Lucak came in second and third place, finishing the most demanding race of Transgrancanaria HG.

Special recognition should be granted to each single brave runner who ran the 265-kilometre adventure. In fact, this race concluded the Transgrancanaria HG 2019 when Polish Tomasz Eryk Krasinski achieved his own personal glory at 10:46 a.m. on Sunday.

Twenty years of growth

The Transgrancanaria HG has topped the media coverage of previous years: 146 professionals from around the world have covered the race. In addition, the streaming service broadcasted almost the entire sporting event. Local TV channel Televisión Canaria offered for the first time a live broadcast on Saturday morning from the finish line at Expomeloneras to welcome Transgrancanaria 128 winners.

Last but not least, the organizing company would like to thank all the professionals and volunteers involved in the race. They have helped Transgrancanaria HG to grow. Likewise, a big thanks to the security and emergency bodies which collaborated for the correct development of the race these five days.

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