Haría Extreme Lanzarote, home of the WMRA World Championship 2020

Jonathan Wyatt, president of the World Mountain Running Association, has confirmed, today in Lanzarote, the designation of the race as the most important of the year 2020


Haría Extreme Lanzarote is in luck. The tenth edition of the event, which will be held in 2020, will coincide with the celebration of the World Championship of the World Mountain Running Association, an association to which the IAAF (International Athletics Federation) entrusts the trail running. This has been confirmed today in an event held at the Jameos del Agua, where the WMRA president, Jonathan Wyatt, from New Zealand, has made official the designation of the 2020 World Cup after personally recognizing the terrain of the Haría Extreme Lanzarote this weekend.


The event was also attended by the general director of sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, Manolo López, the sports counselor of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, Francisco Aparicio, the mayor of Haría, Alfredo Villalba, and Sergio Garasa as a member of the WMRA World Council .



Wyatt, who holds seven Mountain Running world titles in his record, was in charge of spreading the news after a weekend recognizing the tour in the municipality of Haría. The New Zealander celebrates that, for the first time in 36 years, the World Cup is based in Spain: “Lanzarote has become a tourist destination and hosting a Mountain Running World Championship fits that philosophy perfectly. The Canary Islands have seen this opportunity to combine sport and adventure and have managed to be a benchmark when it comes to attracting thousands of people to their sporting events. We cannot forget that we had never organized a World Cup in Spain before and it is great news for us. ”


“The organization is able to organize a good event and they know what this sport is about. We were worried about the lack of high mountains in Lanzarote, so we considered it important to come to the island to see that you can take a mountaineering route, ”added the president of the WMRA, who also confirmed that the scheme will be maintained which will start in the next World Cup in Argentina unifying the short and long distance in the same weekend.


Manolo López, general director of sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, said that this news is a “huge pleasure” and a “big boost” for Haría Extreme Lanzarote: “We are going to show the world the ability of Lanzarote and the Canary Islands to organize this kind of events and we will rise to de challenge. People coming will enjoy an idyllic island. Behind this decision is a lot of work of many people to congratulate. ”


On behalf of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, his sports advisor Francisco Aparicio also wanted to express the “great joy” with which they received the designation. “It’s going to assume that we all have to be united to one to make the best in this event. From the Cabildo we will put all the collaboration so that we can give an optimal exterior image of Lanzarote from a sport, tourist and economic point of view, ”he stressed.


The news has meant a revolution in the municipality of Haría, and its mayor, Alfredo Villalba, says they have not yet assimilated this appointment: “We still do not believe it. We are very excited to host an event of this nature, ”he said. “We are a small Town Hall, but we have plenty of institutional and personal support ready for this to be the best World Championship ever. We must also thank the other political corporations that have worked in these last nine years , because the merit belongs to everyone, ”he added.


The presentation was also attended by Sergio Garasa, a member of the WMRA World Council who gave some sporting details of what will be the 2020 World Championship: “There will be a 6-kilometer Junior event, with between 400 and 600 meters of accumulated positive gain, and a Classic Vertical of 10 kilometers with departure from Famara to which we will look for the greatest possible slope. In addition, the current Marathon route will be maintained for the Long Distance Championship, with 44 kilometers and 1,900 meters of cumulative positive gain”.


With these ingredients, Haría Extreme Lanzarote will host the most important race of the year on the WMRA 2020 calendar, which for the first time in its 36 years of history will travel to Spain for this world championship. The best selections in the world will be welcome to Lanzarote, where the warmth of an overturned audience will be waiting for them with a course that turns ten years old and the requirement of a volcanic tour that enchants sports and nature lovers.


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