Two decades of experience in the textile industry and a decisive commitment to innovation and technological development in the field of technical sportswear.


SportHG® is the own brand of Needful, SL, company dedicated for more than 20 years to the production of seamless material for all types of practices. In 2010, Needful bet to increase the quality of its material, to incorporate carbon fiber to its fabrics and to unite all its knowledge and effort in an own brand dedicated to the sport practice: SportHG®.

In recent years, the brand has become a benchmark in the national outdoor sport, especially in trailrunning, where it enjoys special acclaim. The versatility of its materials make them fully suitable for all types of sports in all atmospheric conditions, so that, little by little, SportHG® is opening the way to new markets and horizons.

The philosophy of SportHG® is focused on the ambition to offer the ens uder the highest possible quality in their textile materials.This is only possible by constantly betting on innovation and new technologies, always maintaining the wisdom of tradition and experience in textile making.

As a family business, the general basis of SportHG® is the human component of its work team. The honesty, the exigency and the business vision are the values that, from top to bottom, pervade every minute of work of the SportHG® team.



Considered one of the 10 most innovative cities in Europe, Barcelona gives SportHG an unrivaled environment for the development of its products and the creativity of its workers.

SportHG® headquarters are in Barcelona – international reference smart city, with a powerful scientific ecosystem dedicated to high technology. This Mediterranean city features an important culture of innovation, with huge R&D investments, futurist startups and last generation companies, colleges and hospitals.

The Spanish city also has international prestige as one of fashion capitals in South Europe. Renowned textile brands have grown among its buildings and monuments, with successful strategies investing in quality, technology, innovation and adaptability to new times.

The production center is located in Sant Pol de Mar, in Maresme, a historical area of great textile and commercial tradition. Already in the 19th century, the region was home of the main textile production factories for the new era, and pioneered the use of new generation technologies, such as railroad or textile machinery. SportHG® was born in that tradition and grows in the unbeatable environment of Barcelona to offer a new product with the wisdom that experience gives.


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