HG PRO TEAM 2.0, best shirt of 2018 according to Territory Trail Media


The Spanish digital trailrunning magazine Territorio Trail Media has been presenting these days its traditional Annual Awards. Shortly before the Christmas holidays, the editors announced the awards for the best runners and races of the year. Today it was the turn of the sports equipment, and the new HG PRO TEAM 2.0 shirt has been chosen as the best and most complete top trekking garment for trailrunning of the year.

The Territorio Trail Awards have been reaping their prestige for years. While in its sections of corridors and races, the public chooses by popular vote the winners, the material section is chosen by the specialists of the magazine. In addition to the SportHG® shirt, the magazine also awarded the Camelback Nano as the best backpack, the Salomon Ultra Pro as best shoes and the Raidlight Ultralight as the best pants.

The experts of the magazine have highlighted the high quality of the fabric brand of the home of the shirt, its zipper and its built-in belt, by which they have declared that HG is “the only brand that has managed to adapt a belt in an effective and useful way “. The other shirts involved in the competition were Adidas Adizero, Wong Termica DAS, New Balance Ice 2.0, Raidlight Ultralight, Salomon Trail Runner and Nike Breath Rise.

The HG PRO TEAM 2.0 t-shirt has been the great novelty for trail of the new SportHG® collection, presented in January 2018 and on sale since July. It has become famous for being the oficial shirt of HG AML TEAM and the Spanish National Team for Mountain Running FEDME, which tasted a good dose of success in the last World Skyrunning Championships in Scotland, in August.



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