Azara García de los Salmones made history in Formentera All Round Trail 2021 with an absolute second place. Only Jonatan Sanabria was faster than her. Discover here the clothes from the SportHG® summer collection that she wore during the 72km of the race.

SPIKE t-shirt: The perfect t-shirt for the heat thanks to HG's unique thermoregulatory technology and the micro-perforation technique of the fabric. A featherweight, fast-absorbing piece with a surprising anti-odor effect. Azara did not change it at any time of the 72km of Formentera All Round Trail HG 2021.

DALES Tights: A top sales that never goes out of style. The DALES short mesh stands out for its perfect fit, high comfort and technical compression at strategic points. The carbon fiber protects the hamstrings in the race and has several pockets.

Accessories: Azara has the entire collection of SportHG® headbands with their many stamped designs. In the race, she wore the official HG AML TEAM headband as well as other classic accessories: KUKU sportsbra and TOURMALET socks.

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