Code éthique

The following code marks the conduct and responsible practices of SportHG in its production and preparation of technical sports material, as well as the promotion of its products and trademark. Its scope of application is each of those actions in which the name of the mark intervenes through the hand of some of its workers or collaborators.

General principles

All the operations of SportHG must be developed ethically and responsibly.
It is basic for all SportHG activities to comply with the legislation in force in each country of action.
All natural and legal persons who maintain any relationship with SportHG will receive a fair and just treatment.
All SportHG activities will be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.
The care and protection of children will be one of the fundamental pillars of the actions of SportHG.
No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, physical disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, age or nationality.
SportHG rejects head-on any violence in any situation.
SportHG is committed to offering its customers a high standard of quality, health and safety in their products.
Communication with customers must be clear, transparent, dynamic and direct.
Any employee or employee of SportHG is obliged to act according to criteria of consideration, respect and dignity.
The employees of SportHG will promote their products based on objective standards, without distorting their conditions or characteristics. All promotional activities will be conducted in a clear, transparent and diligent manner.
SportHG competes in the market in a loyal way and does not admit of deceptive or fraudulent behavior.
All commercial activity will always be developed under the protection of the laws in force in each case.
Slanderous, harassing or malicious practices will not be allowed with brands that imply competition in the market.
No compensation will be allowed to any employee of SportHG in exchange for influencing the decision making process related to the performance of the functions derived from his position.
The relationship with the public institutions, courts and bodies and security forces of the State must always be documented. The task of the employees of SportHG will be to facilitate their work and performance in any activity related to SportHG.
The protection of personal data and private information of customers, employees and collaborators of SportHG will be one of the pillars of action of the security policies of the company.


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