What is it?

The differential pressure activated system means #OneStepMore in compressive material for its efficiency and comfort. It is the own compressive system of SportHG®, able to compress certain zones to improve the blood circulation and, therefore, the performance of the body.

How does it work?

The pressure is applied in strategic locations, instead of applying it throughout the garment. This causes changes in the tissue, which combines zones of pressure with zones less adjusted, thus stimulating the circulation of blood by the organism. The pressure is achieved using elastomer of greater or lesser power.


Uses and practices

Compression has traditionally been rejected because of its discomfort, especially in some sports where comfort is a priority. The Active+ system defies this myth thanks to its differential system, which only compresses certain areas of the body.

The SportHG®’s Active+ system garments are perfectly usable in any sporting activity. In fact, the multi-purpose high quality pants are always made with this system. Also, a compressive system is very useful in training and short-term exercises, where it is tried to improve the force and the circulation in the muscle. The results are multiplied with the Active+ system, which has been tested in competition by Olympic canoeists, professional tennis players and elite trainers.

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