A la comunidad de SportHG®


To the SportHG® community

The whole of humanity is faced with the threat of COVID-19 and from SportHG® we would like to pass on a message of support to all our followers around the world. These are complicated days for everyone, as the virus focuses on what is of utmost importance to all of us – our health and security of the entire society.
Following the guidelines of the competent authorities, our company joins the campaign where everyone stays at home and maximise the recommended security measures. We know that this situation is not simple, especially for all the sports and outdoors enthusiasts, but the only thing that can get us through this crisis is everyone’s collaboration. The days will pass and soon we can get back to enjoying the mountains.
Meanwhile SportHG® remains active and operative online, until it is possible, with the proper authorization of the government and following the security measures. Out team will keep in contact with the community via social media and digital channels. We will be looking forward to see you stay active from the safety of our homes, making chores and living through this uncomfortable situation in the embrace of your families.
We are sending a worm hug and our deepest gratitude to those professionals from medical and logistical sectors that fight the virus every day, every hour and every minute. They will be the real champions of this resistance run.

We are with you.

SportHG® Team


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